BK FLATBILL Snapback Hat

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This one is for our West Coast friends and the rest of you knuckleheads out there that want a Flatbill hat in a snapback option. You spoke up and we listened. We now have the BK FLATBILL Snapback Hat in Black and Black Multicam Camo. These are sure to make you look like badass whether you are out in the desert or mobbing across the dunes. The flat brim actually does an excellent job of keeping the sun off of your face and out of your eyes. You can even tuck your ears into the hat to keep them protected as well. Maybe this whole flat bill thing isn't just a statement but a necessity out there in the land of no trees. Either way keep busted those knuckles and wrenching on those builds and we will do our part to keep the gear coming so you can look the part. 


The Chief Knucklehead